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Computational Systems Medicine & Biology

We are computational bioengineers based at Imperial College London with diverse backgrounds in mathematics, systems engineering and computer science, with strong motivation to solve fundamental problems in medicine and biology.

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Tanaka Group

Our research aims to understand the design principles of biological control systems. What are the key regulatory mechanisms for human life and holobionts - amalgams of multicellular hosts and their microbial passengers? We develop and apply computational/mathematical tools, including mechanistic modelling, statistical modelling, AI, machine learning, and computer vision, to achieve this ambitious goal. The ability of biological control systems far exceeds that of many conventionally designed engineering systems. An intrinsic understanding of the essential design principles of biological control systems may require new notions and a new theory for biological control. We are specifically interested in the roles of the epithelial barrier, the interface between a host and environment, in several diseases such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), asthma and lung fungal infection. What are the fundamental regulatory mechanisms whose malfunctioning determines healthy or disease states? How can we predict the behaviour of dynamical systems in disease states? How can we prevent disease and design effective treatment?


Research Topics

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In silico approach to advance personalised medicine by altering the microbiome dynamics

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Mathematical modelling to elucidate key pathophysiologic mechanisms of eczema to advance personalised medicine

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An AI-powered computer vision pipeline for automated assessment of eczema severity from digital camera images

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Statistical machine learning for personalised prediction of eczema severity dynamics

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In silico approach to elucidate how pre-school wheeze progresses to asthma

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Data-driven computational modelling for tackling antifungal resistance

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In silico approach to advance personalised medicine by altering the microbiome dynamics



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